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Our site provides a reader with the information about modern eyeglasses cheap sold in various shops. A breath history of eyeglasses appearance is given. The types of eyeglasses are stressed in the article.
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Well-known and usually cheap eyeglasses online: popular and unpopular aspects

Defining eyeglasses in general one will tell about frames that bear lenses in front of the eyes. The one common function eyeglasses perform is surely a vision correction. The other thing eyeglasses are used is a protection thing: sunglasses, for example, protect eyes from UV damage perfectly. Cheap eyeglasses, easy-to-buy at various shops, serve today fashion purposes also. All abovementioned aspects present eyeglasses in a positive light. As for unpopular aspects, everyone, who has ever tried eyeglasses of every kind, will possibly name eyeglasses' inconvenience. But modern technologies, aimed at fighting with the disadvantages, can suggest flexible and lightweight frames, new ways in creating lens and optical coatings.

Today cheap eyeglasses: a breath historical background

It is strongly believed that Benjamin Franklin, who suffered not only from presbyopia but myopia as well, was the fist to invent bifocals. In 1825 the method to improve vision of those having astigmatism was found by George Airyin by means of constructing special lenses. If to speak about the invention of modern cheap eyeglasses' style, the name of British optician - Edward Scarlett - is to be given.

The most popular types of cheap eyeglasses

One of the most widespread types of eyeglasses is surely corrective eyeglasses. The corrective lenses help to overcome such vision problems as myopia, astigmatism. Diopters is the power the lenses are usually measured in. Another type of eyeglasses cheap sold is safety glasses. They are made of different materials, protect eyes from environmental damages and vary in the providing level of protection. Always fashionable and popular - onу can easily guess about sunglasses that protect from bright and UV light. Modern market of cheap eyeglasses covers 3D eyeglasses that create the illusion of 3 dimensions.